Eagle Heaven on Hudson

There have been at least 15 eagles hunting at the Croton Boat Ramp the last two days.  The Croton River started moving again.  Verplanck marinas sported another 15-20 fishing and perching relatively close.   Thursday night’s eagle count from the dock in Verplanck came in at 15.  Just at dusk an immature caught a fishContinue reading “Eagle Heaven on Hudson”

Hudson River Ice

Yes, there is ice on the Hudson.  We have waited for over a year.  The eagles are everywhere.  I only made a few stops today.  There were 3 eagles in Croton Point Park, 3 at Furnace Dock, 5 in Verplanck, 5 on the ice off the pier at Fleishmann’s. And ’tis the month of loveContinue reading “Hudson River Ice”

Snow Business

Getting ready for the Big Blizzard of ’13.  I needed a few more pictures for my Teatown Hudson River EagleFest (now Sunday, Feb. 10, 2013) presentation, For the Eagles.  Thankfully, I went out yesterday on my rounds.  George’s Island eagles did appear just as I drove up.  They knew I needed to fill in aContinue reading “Snow Business”