Eagle Season Has Begun

It’s the … hap-happiest … season of all … A MOST wonderful time of the year!

Favorite Fotos, January – June 2021

All photos were taken along the Hudson River in New York.

Drops of Yellow Sunshine

It seems that for the last few weeks, hundreds of little yellow birds have been popping up all around. The perennial brown avians also seem to be tinged with yellow, as if painted to match the colors of the falling, golden leaves. The rising and setting sun casts its honey glow on tiny, cream colored feathers telling our tiny friend, “You are safe. I’ve made you the color of a leaf on a tree.”

Palm warbler
Yellow rumped warbler
Yellow rumped warbler
Palm warbler
Mourning warbler
Magnolia warbler
Ruby crowned kinglet
Palm warbler
Eastern phoebe
Cedar waxwing
Eastern phoebe and palm warbler
Yellow bellied flycatcher
American goldfinch
Palm warbler
Yellow rumped warbler
Carolina wren
Chipping sparrow
House sparrows

In the Good Old Summertime

Just read that this Judy Garland musical was the last time she would make it through a film without any major issues. This is a fitting title as we negotiate the current pandemic. I am posting 2020 summer birds that have gotten me this far. My hope is that everyone stays well and safe. Wear your mask, social distance, stay New York Tough, Smart, United, Disciplined and LOVING.

Bonnie’s Bedtime Birdies

I have been posting a bird photo every night since April 1, 2020. Some in my family have not been seeing them and asked if I am still taking pictures of birds during this COVID-19 pandemic. Uh, yes. I was social distancing long before it became a serious need. The red-winged blackbird is at the top.

Crazy Collage Combos

Over the years the importance of the collage to show various images and behaviors of birds has helped bring it all together into one avian statement. Each montage is its own story.

Coots on Ice
Going My Way
Seven Swans A’Swimming
Monarch Butterflies
Ring-billed Gull(able)
Red-tailed Hawk Liftoff
Osprey Going My Way

Teatown Return of the Eagle 2020

Teatown EagleFest is on February 8, 2020. Please visit Teatown Hudson River EagleFest for tickets and information. In the meantime, please enjoy photos of what you might see if you visit the Lower Hudson Valley, Croton Point Park and points north and south in the winter months.