EagleMania Persists

We are into the Merry Month of March when our eagles disperse.  Our locals remain to entertain.

Thank you for bringing dinner.


Bonded Pair


Kids just wanna have fun
Lots of Fun


Just waiting for the right guy (or until next year)


Fishing for Two Now

EagleFest2018 Continues

Our eagles will be ‘going to nest’ very soon.  Our youngsters and visitors continue to hang around.

Is it time, yet?
Landed on time
I see a fish.
Now I need a napkin.


The eagles just wait for the gulls to pull out a fish. Then they steal it.


This black backed is quite unhappy about losing its hard earned fish.


Picnic in the picnic area

Eyes to the Skies

I keep posting More Eagles.  Well, there’s a reason.  There are more eagles.


More Eagles Plus

Two of the three birds below were banded in Connecticut, 2016 and 217.  We now have three CT eagles that have recently investigated the Hudson River.  All the other photos show resident eagles and resident red-shouldered hawk.

If you come to visit, please careful where you park.

Eagle Event

Big time convocation of eagles on the Hudson River this year:


Snow Business

The “Bomb Blizzard” hit hard this year.  The birds coped.

Blue jay foraging successfully for peanuts


White throated sparrow


Red-tailed hawk pair – male below, female above


Song sparrow


Mourning doves


Northern cardinal – female


Common house sparrow – male


American tree sparrow


Eagle, first year


Great blue herons

California, Here I Come

Hey, folks, California needs water.  That is the first priority when looking for birds.  Found a few here and there in the desert.

20171222 bluebird Lake Skinner CA _
Bluebird at Lake Skinner
20171222 Coot Lake Skinner _
Coot at Lake Skinner
20171222 fox sparrow Lake Skinner CA _
Fox Sparrow at Lake Skinner
20171223 black phoebe Hemet CA _
Black Phoebe near the pool in Hemet
20171223 Harrier San Jacinto Wildlife Area CA _
Harrier hunting near the ponds in San Jacinto Wildlife Area
20171223 northern shovelers San Jacinto Wildlife Area CA _
Northern Shovelers in the pond at San Jacinto Wildlife Area
20171224 Ducks, domestic Tewinkle Costa Mesa CA _
Domestic ducks in the pond at Tewinkle Park, Costa Mesa
20171224 mallards Tewinkle Park Costa Mesa CA _
Mallards in the pond at Tewinkle Park, Costa Mesa
20171224 wigeon Tewinkle Park Costa Mesa CA _
Wigeon changing position in the pond at Tewinkle Park, Costa Mesa
20171225 Hummingbird Hemet CA _
Anna’s Hummingbird male eyeing a mate, Hemet near feeders and water
20171225 Hummingbird Hemet CA 2 _
Slightly molted Anna’s Hummingbird female, the object of affection from the bird above