Weakening of the Endangered Species Act

On August 12, 2019 I was awed by the number of birds and their variety of colors that I was able to photograph. Later that same day I learned that the Endangered Species Act had been seriously weakened in preparation for its total elimination. I am reminded of my grandfather who raised fancy pigeons from the early 1900s until the mid century. He immigrated from Pennsylvania to California where he must have witnessed the masses of passenger pigeons flying through the skies. What will my great grandchildren be seeing in the mid twenty first century?

Humpbacked whale removed from the Endangered Species List.

Sum, Sum, Summertime

… and the living is easy. Bonnie’s Best from June, July and first of August:

Great Blue Heron Immature
Peregrine Falcon Fledglings Reunion, Jersey City
Peregrine Falcon Rescue, BM/18
Eastern Phoebe
Great White Egret
Swallowtail Butterflies
Great Blue Heron Preening
Wet Osprey
Wet Red-tailed Hawk

Bonnie’s Best of 2018

Most have seen these photos. I chose six that I consider to be superior.

Eagle pair – he brought a gift and she accepted – *they are not fighting
Purple finch in my yard
Cardinal on berries
Red-shouldered hawk at the train station
Great blue heron juvenile with its golden catch of the day
Peregrine falcon coming in to displace its father

This and That

It is time to post a few recent photos.  The raptors always come first.  Then it is for the little guys.

Eagle pair close to home

Local red-shouldered hawk
Young Cooper’s hawk at the feeder buffet
Purple finch in the backyard

Cape May warbler migrating through the backyard
Cedar waxwing enjoying the last bites of Fall
Eastern phoebe looking for bugs
Palm warbler waking the dead

Open Studio

My barn was open to all kinds of visitors during the Ossining Arts Council Open Studios Tour 2018.  I had kept the feeders filled all week long in hopes of having a few birds at the feeders as people perused my photos.  I learned that I have to sit outside in my backyard for much longer periods of time during fall migration.  Enjoy the group.  Our local sharp shinned also made a very brief visit to enjoy the snacks.
Purple finch, one of four to come to my feeders
Cape May warbler just passing through
Red-breasted nuthatch sharing space
I’m sure this bird had a quick bite

Snow Business

The “Bomb Blizzard” hit hard this year.  The birds coped.

Blue jay foraging successfully for peanuts


White throated sparrow


Red-tailed hawk pair – male below, female above


Song sparrow


Mourning doves


Northern cardinal – female


Common house sparrow – male


American tree sparrow


Eagle, first year


Great blue herons

California, Here I Come

Hey, folks, California needs water.  That is the first priority when looking for birds.  Found a few here and there in the desert.

20171222 bluebird Lake Skinner CA _

Bluebird at Lake Skinner

20171222 Coot Lake Skinner _

Coot at Lake Skinner

20171222 fox sparrow Lake Skinner CA _

Fox Sparrow at Lake Skinner

20171223 black phoebe Hemet CA _

Black Phoebe near the pool in Hemet

20171223 Harrier San Jacinto Wildlife Area CA _

Harrier hunting near the ponds in San Jacinto Wildlife Area

20171223 northern shovelers San Jacinto Wildlife Area CA _

Northern Shovelers in the pond at San Jacinto Wildlife Area

20171224 Ducks, domestic Tewinkle Costa Mesa CA _

Domestic ducks in the pond at Tewinkle Park, Costa Mesa

20171224 mallards Tewinkle Park Costa Mesa CA _

Mallards in the pond at Tewinkle Park, Costa Mesa

20171224 wigeon Tewinkle Park Costa Mesa CA _

Wigeon changing position in the pond at Tewinkle Park, Costa Mesa

20171225 Hummingbird Hemet CA _

Anna’s Hummingbird male eyeing a mate, Hemet near feeders and water

20171225 Hummingbird Hemet CA 2 _

Slightly molted Anna’s Hummingbird female, the object of affection from the bird above

All is Well

The regular birds are in their regular places.   Featured image shows the resident red-tailed hawk helping with Project FeederWatch.

Junco watching over our dearly departed


Young great blue heron preening

Red-shouldered hawk has returned to welcome folks to Croton Point Park


Peregrine falcon with two friends in perfect position – could be a local gal

Eagle pair kiting across Haverstraw Bay – they never flapped their wings


Male bufflehead in place

Female bufflehead was with five suitors