Babies, Babies, Babies

One just prays at least half of them survive.  Our red-tailed hawk family is just about ready to expand their territory.  Look out snakes and rats!  The male dropped off a very small morsel and the eyases bawled him out.  This is a sign that the youngsters are ready to take flight.  Both adults haveContinue reading “Babies, Babies, Babies”

Baby Birds, Mother Birds, Bird Songs

The female red-tailed hawk is keeping her three eyases very well fed.  The crops are bulging everytime I see the family.  While not for the squeamish, ID needed for her most recent delicacy.  I suspect rat.  She indulged with the kids.     Yellow warblers are all over the place.  I’ll post video of allContinue reading “Baby Birds, Mother Birds, Bird Songs”

Hudson River Ice

Yes, there is ice on the Hudson.  We have waited for over a year.  The eagles are everywhere.  I only made a few stops today.  There were 3 eagles in Croton Point Park, 3 at Furnace Dock, 5 in Verplanck, 5 on the ice off the pier at Fleishmann’s. And ’tis the month of loveContinue reading “Hudson River Ice”