Drops of Yellow Sunshine

It seems that for the last few weeks, hundreds of little yellow birds have been popping up all around. The perennial brown avians also seem to be tinged with yellow, as if painted to match the colors of the falling, golden leaves. The rising and setting sun casts its honey glow on tiny, cream coloredContinue reading “Drops of Yellow Sunshine”

Eagle Dreams

Croton Point Park is where your eagle dreams come true.  The visiting birds arrived early this year.  And they are quite used to people and cars. Our young red-tails ask how you would like them to pose for pictures.  Profile?  Catching a rat?  Dragging a snake? Of course the feeder birds are happy for theContinue reading “Eagle Dreams”

I Left My Heart in Alviso

Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, the Alviso part, is heaven for birds.  Thankfully, the fog burned off just as I got there.  Unfortunately, they forgot to unlock the gate on the last day of my visit and I didn’t have time to walk to the Alviso Slough.  Had to make do with the Alviso Marina CountyContinue reading “I Left My Heart in Alviso”