The Regulars Plus A Spider

I see these guys ALL the time, just wanted to give a different view.

Osprey face
Young great blue heron at Oglevie’s Pond
Young woodducks Ogilvie's Pond Aug 2013-1
Young wood ducks at Oglevie’s Pond
Young osprey at Edith Read Sanctuary
Sparrows at feeder
Sparrows in my back yard having a conversation. It is most likely the same conversation they have every day at the feeder.
Spider and web
This guy has been working on this web for days. The spider uses my umbrella, herb pots and pergola posts as anchors. I usually destroy it when I gather my herbs or go down the deck steps.

One response to “The Regulars Plus A Spider”

  1. Good photos, thanks for sharing them. Your great blue heron is a fledgling.


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