I have had up to 22 parrots in all.  Here are pictures of a few of them.  My oldest gal, Vinnee, a Green Cheek conure, came to me in 1995 when she was 10 weeks old.  Somehow she managed to survive being lost in the woods, neighborhood cats, buried in lawn thatch and me.  Charlie, 8 months old at the time, joined her in 2001 after 9/11 when work schedules changed and she needed a companion.  Six months later they raised their first clutch.  As you can tell, one bird led to another.   All the birds are loves and bonded to humans.  Well, almost all.  The parakeets remain skittish, but they never come out of their spacious cage.  After being out in the wild they know they have a good thing going.

As of September 1, 2012 another parakeet joined the flock.  Seventeen birds is a lot of birds, but the parakeet is small.  Sparrow Boy was hanging out with the sparrows at Feed the Birds in Croton.  I managed to catch him.  After his vet check and OK to go in with the others, he found out what a good thing he now has.

When my youngest pair of green cheek conures hadn’t laid fertile eggs four years in a row, I thought I would just let them be together for a fifth year.  Flash, BeBe and Snuggles joined the flock between April 27 and May 15, 2014.

Enjoy the pictures.

Charlie, Blizzie, Nibbles and Dosee, Green Cheek Conures RIP Charlie June 2015
Sparrow Boy before he became a house boy.  RIP June 2015
Skittles is 17 years old!
Skittles hatched in 1997!
Aren't I handsome
Aren’t I handsome?
Mutton Chops has been here for 5 years now.
Mutton Chops has been here for 6 years now.  RIP 2017
Nibbles, Blizzie and Dosee
Nibbles, Blizzie and Dosee
Photogenic Mia
Photogenic Mia. RIP 2017
Vinnee and Joe, the seniors.
Vinnee and Joe, the seniors.
I'm handsome, too.
I’m handsome, too.
Humphrey is 6 years old!
Humphrey at 8 years old!
Humphrey enjoying himself
Vinnee, the mother of them all, RIP 2020

Green Cheek Conure Chicklet, 9 years old in 2011

Green Cheek Conures Nibbles, 3 years, Dosee, 5 years, Blizzie, 5 years, Charlie, 10 years in 2011

Humphrey, Timneh African Grey, 5 years old in 2011

Scarlet macaw Skittles, 14 years old in 2011

Green Cheek conures Tiny and Vivo, 5 years old in 2011. Vivo became very aggressive and could not be around the other birds.  He went to an only bird home and is totally loved by his owner.

Tiny and Vivo’s babies, Flash, BeBe and Snuggles RIP 2020, who joined the flock in May 2014

Snuggles BeBe Flash 2014-1

Parakeets Mutton Chops and Verde Birdie, 4 and 5 years old ?? in 2011  (yard feeder rescues) RIP at about 12 years old.

2 responses to “Parrots”

  1. i love your photos! My 13 year-old granddaughter in California has a 1 year old cinnamon conure. “Cupid” is quite the clown. Which is wasn’t so expensive to get them tested for gender.


  2. OMG!!,I love parrots too.Your Scarlelt is BEAUTIFUL.I think my favorite is the African Grey


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