Eagles in the ‘Hood

There’s one good thing about the polar vortex. It brings a Convocation of Eagles. Please enjoy photos of our recent arrivals. The local residents are protesting with signs that say, “Private Property, NO Trespassing!!”

Fresh sushi
Most likely a local bothered by the eagle invasion
My Gal giving me her eagle eyes
Gorgeous adult in breeding plumage
Youngster flying with the big boys
Kettle of eagles just before a major snow squall
The crows were not happy about this first year parking on their tree.

Long Time Coming Back

Our visiting eagles arrived on Friday, February 10, 2017, just in time for the Teatown Lake Reservation Hudson River EagleFest.  There were quite a few at Verplanck.  At least we had one hanging around at the Croton Train Station Boat Ramp.  Here are a few from Friday.20170210_eagle-flyover-georges-island_001