Eagle Heaven on Hudson

Eagles with fish Croton Jan 2014-3
First grade students’ view of the eagles in Croton.

There have been at least 15 eagles hunting at the Croton Boat Ramp the last two days.  The Croton River started moving again.  Verplanck marinas sported another 15-20 fishing and perching relatively close.   Thursday night’s eagle count from the dock in Verplanck came in at 15.  Just at dusk an immature caught a fish and brought it to the ice south of Stony Point.  11 eagles hoped for a few bites.

Eagles in marina Verplanck Jan 2014-1
Eagle with bands enjoying fishing in the Viking Marina in Verplanck.
Eagles with carp Croton Jan 2014-1
Young eagle waiting for lunch on the Croton River.
Eagles with carp Croton Jan 2014-3
Second eagle waiting for lunch downstream from the first one on the Croton River.
Eagles with carp Croton Jan 2014-2
Eagle lunch for the crows. The young eagles were apparently nervous about eating their lunch.
Robin George's Island Jan 2014-1
Robin at George’s Island. I can’t wait for spring, either. There were berries in the bush below this tree. A large flock of robins was enjoying a meal.

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