This and That

It is time to post a few recent photos.  The raptors always come first.  Then it is for the little guys.

Eagle pair close to home

Local red-shouldered hawk
Young Cooper’s hawk at the feeder buffet
Purple finch in the backyard

Cape May warbler migrating through the backyard
Cedar waxwing enjoying the last bites of Fall
Eastern phoebe looking for bugs
Palm warbler waking the dead

More Eagles Plus

Two of the three birds below were banded in Connecticut, 2016 and 217.  We now have three CT eagles that have recently investigated the Hudson River.  All the other photos show resident eagles and resident red-shouldered hawk.

If you come to visit, please careful where you park.

How to Catch an Eagle

Bring in some wind, snow, low tide, lots of fish and extremely cold weather.  The eagles have moved to the Hudson River in big numbers now.  This is just in time for Teatown Lake Reservation’s Hudson River EagleFest.

Eagles First Grade EagleWatch 1-28-15-3

There is a fish under all these eagles


Eagle family 1-28-15-1

Our resident family


Eagles First Grade EagleWatch 1-28-15-5

So close no scope needed


Photos 1-27-15-7

Red-shouldered hawk hanging out with the eagles