This and That

It is time to post a few recent photos.  The raptors always come first.  Then it is for the little guys.

Eagle pair close to home

Local red-shouldered hawk
Young Cooper’s hawk at the feeder buffet
Purple finch in the backyard

Cape May warbler migrating through the backyard
Cedar waxwing enjoying the last bites of Fall
Eastern phoebe looking for bugs
Palm warbler waking the dead

Migration Time

I usually take a reprieve from bird watching in late March and April before peregrine season gets into full swing.  But I couldn’t resist getting a picture of a towhee, palm warbler, gorgeous goldfinch and displaying cowbird.

Croton Nature Center 4-13-1

Croton Nature Center 4-13-3

Croton Nature Center 4-13-5

Croton Nature Center 4-13-7

Croton Nature Center 4-13-6

Rare hepatica