New Year Delights

This 2019 year has started off on the right birds for me. Featured image is an American Tree Sparrow in the freezing cold.

This lovely lady landed in front of me as I was driving to breakfast on New Years Day.
An hour later, my red-tailed hawk was hunting on the landfill.
Not to be left out, one of my totem birds, a great blue heron, was engaged on a local pond.
Of course, the mute swans were around, too.
A very few days later, my local traveling companion joined me at my park.
The red-shouldered hawk was not to be left out of the photos, even in the pouring rain.

My local resident female eagle and I communed for fifteen minutes. I left. She stayed.
And in a severe ice attack, our wintering eagles arrived. I am blessed today.

May Days

Great blue heron rookery is captivating all of us here.  I never knew the birds raised their young in a colony.  Twenty active nests are supporting probably close to 80 young.  It wouldn’t be spring without goslings and a swan.  And our local osprey has again chosen the communication tower at the train station.  I think he has a mate and she is in the nest.  Is that a big stick or a tail feather?

While I almost always post pictures of birds, my new Rhodesian Ridgeback Rescue has taken up my time.   Mars is a Rhodesian/Red Bone Coon Hound mix.  He is a feral dog rescued in North Carolina and transported to New York for a new home.  Four of his seven littermates were adopted in NC and two came up north.  One was adopted and Mars and his brother have been in wonderful foster care for four months.  His brother, Neptune is available for adoption still.

May 2013 exports-3

May 2013 exports-2

May 2013 exports-1

May 2013 exports-5

May 2013 exports-4

May 2013 exports-6

Mars portrait-1