Eagles at Conowingo Dam

I made the pilgrimage with a few close photo friends.  When you make a four hour drive one way together, you know you are close friends.  It is just before the time when hoards of eagles descend on their Mecca.  The locals entertained us.  Just be careful where you park your car if you go.

Eagle on the wing
Coming back by
Full forward
One of the second year birds entangled brought in the fish. Notice the fourth year bird to the right.  When opportunity arises, steal the prize.
Lots of fish fights took place
Cormorants caught fish the whole time we were there
Parking spot

One response to “Eagles at Conowingo Dam”

  1. I think that’s the best eagle pic I have seen in a long long time! It’s perfect, all of them. Well done Bonnie!!! Thanks Donna



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