Eagles after the storm

What can I say about Hurricane Sandy?  I was extremely lucky.  The Conowingo eagle population swelled after the storm.  Now there are at least 175 more eagles than there were two weeks ago.  And every single eagle caught a fish while we were there.  Plus, all the other fish eating birds caught a fish.  All these pictures were taken after the storm.   Guess which bird seemed to be unscathed by the turmoil.

This sight greeted us when we first arrived at Conowingo.
Young eagles caught fish.
Mature eagles caught fish.
This one had taken a lesson from Nick Wallenda. Maybe it came from Niagara Falls?
Seagull eagle
Sushi anyone? Not every bird caught a fish.
Croton Point Park casualty. More than half the big, old trees were toppled.
One of the few birds out and about just after the storm.

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