Costa Rica

My dream has been to go to Costa Rica and see the scarlet macaws in the wild.  That dream was realized.  Plus, I got to see and photograph some other things there.  The first pictures are from Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula.

Scarlet macaw sharing breakfast
Scarlet macaw watching us eat breakfast
Lineated woodpecker entertaining us on a hike to find the toucans.
Can’t be in Costa Rica without seeing a reptile.   Chameleon watching the tourists
Juvenile caracara was not bothered by us at all. Its mother was a bit upset, though.

We went from the Corcovado jungle to the Monteverde Cloud Forest.  Now that’s a trip.

This motmot was right next to a cafe on the main road.
Oropendula tending to her young very late in the season to be raising chicks.
Everyone in Costa Rica wants to see the elusive bell bird. Its boing sound is captivating.

Of course I have more pictures to post.

2 responses to “Costa Rica”

  1. Roberta Reeners Avatar
    Roberta Reeners

    Lucky you! Splendid pix!


    1. Thanks, again. I appreciate your comments.



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