Jersey City Peregrine Falcons Fly High

Grundy Park in Jersey City doesn’t just hold an attraction for people who want a spectacular view of Lower Manhattan.  Peregrine falcons also find it the best place to live in the metro NYC area .  The two surviving male fledglings, Buzz and Frank, who started out at 101 Hudson on May 3, 2012, are expanding their flying and eating space.  Residents in the buildings won’t have to look at dead pigeon carcasses outside their windows for much longer.  In about four weeks, the adults will give the kids the boot.

Athena, Goddess of War and mother, showing her power at 10 Exchange Place, Jersey City
She is a beauty.
Athena checked us out. She decided we were OK. No talons in the head this time.
One fledgling sees breakfast being delivered.
Perfect landing.
MacPigeon for breakfast is on the menu. The other one had the Kid’s Meal, too.
Young male buzzing the area. Could be Buzz.
Dad got the adult meal at MacPigeon. He shared.
The Hudson River Glistens.  These peregrine falcons, Duck Hawks, are in the right place.
Buzz buzzing 101 Hudson
Frank was full and just sat around. He watched Falcons in the City on his big screen TV.
The family decided to watch, too.
Now where did that other boy go?

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