Jersey City Peregrines Part III (Billion Dollar Babies)

NOTE:  We learned on June 26 that the female had perished in a collision with the building at 10 Exchange Place.

Torrents of rain, high winds, TWO FLEDGLINGS!!  My friend, Mike, and I saw two of the young birds on Friday.  They are agile.  They are rambunctious.  And they are alive!!  Both Athena and Six showed themselves as well.  We knew they were keeping a very close eye on the kids.  I am hesitant to say the male and female survived.  We have to wait for the band ID of the deceased fledgling found on Friday afternoon after three collisions at 10 Exchange that led to a traumatic fall.  But one of the falcons we observed still had down on its leg and tail.  The family has now taken up primary residence at 10 Exchange, but they continue to use 101 Hudson.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have TWO mansions right on New York Harbor looking over Lower Manhattan?

For all those watching and checking this blog from 101 Hudson and 10 Exchange Place, we are looking for the band numbers of the adult female.  She only has a silver band.  Six Pack, her mate, also has a black and green band with the number 06 (he packs a six and was hatched at Riverside Church).  Please send pictures or band numbers.  Thanks.

The fledglings enjoy flying with their reflections on 10 Exchange.  But it is hazardous at best.  More pictures to come.

Talon Tag
Catch Me If You Can
Nailed the Landing
Who Is the Biggest?
Six Pack (Dad) and Starling – Just Ate
Athena ( Mom) Watching the Kids Play in the Playground (aka Jersey City Pier)

Fledgling on the 10 Exchange Spire (Go, KID)

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