Jersey City Peregrines, Part II

First picture shows the two fledglings on the 39th floor of 101 Hudson as I was almost underneath them lying on my back on the sidewalk underneath my camera and lens.  We never saw the third fledgling all weekend, but no news is good news.  Since both adults were close by, we are pretty sure the third one was, too.
The adult male, Six (we had to name him), gave flying lessons to his (little) girl.
My friend, Mike, was beyond ecstatic!! I couldn’t contain him. He went totally berserk.  Have you ever had a peregrine coming at you at 200 mph?  The adult female, Athena (we had to name her), came off the top of 101 Hudson. She barreled north on Greene for two blocks in a stoop and caught a huge pigeon right over us. She could hardly carry it and circled over us before choosing the low terrace on 10 Exchange to prep it. She took it up to the scrape terrace for the kids.
And what do caring, loving mommies do? Feed the kid some more, of course.  Miss Fluff, named her, had an already bulging crop.  Mom stuffed her some more.  I guess this is also part of Falcon Training 101.

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