Jersey City Peregrine Falcons, Part I

It is fledge time here in the NYC area.  The gorgeous birds that call 101 Hudson in Jersey City their home are ready for the annual rite of passage.  My friend, Mike, and I arrived at 8:30 am on a Sunday.  We saw one of the eyases on the ledge opposite the nest box and the two adults up on the top parapets.  The youngster was voraciously chowing down.  Shortly afterward the second eyas, a BIG female, hopped up to the nest box ledge.  Both birds were close together in the shady corner of the 40th floor and the down was flying.  Suddenly the adults both took off at high speed to the west.  Then a third falcon appeared on the top parapet in the middle of the north side of the building.  The adults dive bombed something on the roof.  At first we thought it might be the fifth peregrine in view, but it seemed they were going after something more in the middle of the roof.  The fifth bird took off in a very wobbly flight to the west over the building, but we did not see it land.  We are checking out whether or not we had the first fledge by one of the two males and someone in the building found the bird and returned it to the roof.  No need to put a caption on the pictures.  Pictures were taken two blocks away from the 7th floor of a parking garage.

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