Fledgling Fantasy

Most of these pictures are archival.  That means they just show that the almost fledglings are doing OK so far.  Most of my time has been spent in Jersey City, but I was able to make a stop at Tompkins Square Park for the red-tails and Riverside Church.

Digiscoped female fledgling in Jersey City. She is doing OK. this is her shady corner in the morning.
Jersey City fledgling on the north ledge next to the scrape
Fledgling rescue kit
Jersey City fledgling watch view of Lower Manhattan
Fledglings June exports 2014-7
Jersey City west terrace ledge. Parent giving our girl a small snack.
Fledglings June exports 2014-6
Riverside Church peregrine perch. Our Metro Area birds only choose the best addresses to raise their young.
Fledglings June exports 2014-5
Riverside fledgling doing well
Fledglings June exports 2014-4
Tompkins Square youngsters getting crowded out
Fledglings June exports 2014-1
Intruders were two floors above taking pictures. Momma red-tail Dora was not happy at all.

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