Almost Summer

The Riverside Church peregrines are out.  The baby birds are learning to fly and eat. Croton Point Park has new maintenance workers.

June exports 2014-9
Nice place for a nest?
June exports 2014-8
How would you like this for a nursery?
June exports 2014-7
Croton Point Park Maintenance
June exports 2014-6
Poor red tail adult getting harassed by an oriole
June exports 2014-5
After being pecked on by a mockingbird. Poor red tail is just trying to look after its youngster.
June exports 2014-4
Monday morning cleanup crew
June exports 2014-3
Youngster waiting for a food delivery
June exports 2014-2
Riverside Church eyases
June exports 2014-1
Riverside adult keeping watch over the young’uns, sort of

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