Red Tail Hunts at Croton

While on my search for a snowy owl, I thought I would try the Croton ‘Meadow.’  I didn’t see an owl, but our resident red tail was in her favorite spot by the road.  She thought she had something on her first try, but apparently not.  She tried again as the smaller birds took cover.

Red Tail Hunts at Croton-1 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-2 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-3 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-4 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-5 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-6 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-7 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-8 Red Tail Hunts at Croton-9

2 responses to “Red Tail Hunts at Croton”

  1. Next to Peregrines, RTH’s are my next favorite Raptor! Love your pics! I saw my first Snowy last week hunting near the Batavia airport! Exciting to watch and beautiful to see!


    1. Thanks, Kris. Still waiting to see a snowy here. I was busy when they first arrived, then I was away. Enjoy that lake effect snow you guys are having. We got some of it this morning.


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