Back to Croton Point Park

While waiting for the visiting eagles to arrive, I am back at the Croton Point Nature Center.  I finally got a picture of one of the coyotes.  Notice his brilliant coat and eyes.  His diet of geese, rats, mice, squirrels is serving him well.

Croton 12 15 2012-4

Our red breasted nuthatch is making the rounds of all the feeders in the park.  The first is on the campground exit road while the second is at the nature center feeder.

Croton 12 15 2012-1

Croton 12 15 2012-2

I couldn’t resist taking another picture of our red-bellied woodpecker.

Croton 12 15 2012-3

One response to “Back to Croton Point Park”

  1. Bonnie – wondering if you know of any falconers in Delaware or folks who work with Peregrine Falcons. My son has become very interested in them after reading Jean Craighead George’s books.


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