Croton Point Park Red-tailed Hawk Family

Several months ago I promised a surprise post.  Life got in the way of working on the pictures and posting the news.

Our park pair produced two young this year.  The surprising part is that the young hatched and were raised right on the beach at Croton Point Park.  I am all for letting people know about the birds so the public can be educated about proper bird etiquette, but in this case there was way too much risk of someone climbing the tree to get a very close look at the hatchlings.   In spite of parasails getting caught in the tree almost every other day, the parents raised the two young.  They fledged just after Memorial Day and have entertained park staff and visitors ever since.

I posted earlier that photographers are able to walk right up to our pale male and he doesn’t flinch.  This saved his life after he ran into the side of one of the maintenance trucks a few weeks ago.  Park staff easily picked him up and he went to rehab for a week.  He returned to the skies above the park and seems to be fine.

Red-tailed hawk pair in February 2012 – yes, I was that close to them
Mom feeds the kids right over the beach at Croton Point Park
Dad shows the kids how to fly. The nest and eyases are right below him.
Fledglings playing talon tag above the old Bungalow Colony in the park.
One juvenile perched in the adult female’s tree. The bird is looking at its sibling over in a tree by the park office.
Juvenile number two in a tree right next to the park office watching me and its sibling.  Juvenile number one is in a dead tree right across the way.

4 responses to “Croton Point Park Red-tailed Hawk Family”

  1. Gee Bonnie your pics are fantastic! They are just as fun as the Falcons. Are you going to post this on the forum? I would hope so!! Hows things? Boy, I miss Orion. Enjoy your nature! Donna



  2. Roberta Reeners Avatar
    Roberta Reeners

    Excellent, Bonnie!!!


    1. Thanks, Bobbie. Glad you are enjoying my blog. Bonnie


    2. Absolutely wonderful pirctues and a good story to along with the adventure blog of the journey.I have also done from the Van Cortland Park up to the Tarrytown Reservoir. Though, I have been meaning to go from Tarrytown Reservoir up to about Yorktown Heights.Now hears an idea, anyone out there up for a Saturday, 29 November 2008 bicycle ride up that way it might be a fun way to burn up the calories post Thanksgiving.If that is the case pop me over an internet mail at: or on yahoo messenger via intant message id profdleeucc either way get back to me expressing your interest as I am sure it will be a blast and adventure.


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