Rochester Peregrine Falcon Landmarks

The Rochester photographers have been great about taking pictures of the various sites where the birds land.  Here are my pictures of Orion in some areas.  But first I want to show you one more of my personal favorites of Orion on the Telesco building.

Orion on the Telesco building to the west of Wilder.  This is a very good eating place for him.


Orion on Times Square Building at the base of the wings.  He is one tiny, mighty, flighty falcon.
Orion tucked into one of his favorite corners on Times Square. The nest box is below him.
Orion on the nest box main cam platform
Orion landing on the Old Changing Scenes Restaurant (OCSR) top floor. Notice the circular ledge above. That is the lower ledge of the restaurant level where he is apparently spending some of his nights.
Orion on the OCSR i beam – and Beauty hang out here, too
Orion on Wilder when I first arrived Friday at noon on Aug. 3, 2012







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