A Visit from my Grandson

I had the wonderful privilege of my youngest six year old grandson making a visit.  He will probably be a big time birder.  We went out two days in a row and he had the patience and persistence to just keep watching.  He could have hung in there much longer than I.  We got to see a Great Egret and the usual seagulls and geese.  We were looking for shorebirds, great blue herons and osprey, but Hurricane Irene wrecked the shore and the waters remain quite high.  Before my grandson got here, I managed to see some other nice birds.

My grandson and I caught this one preening.  We also saw it catch a fish, but my picture of the egret with fish at DeKorte was much better.

We ended our unproductive search for the great blue herons with this mockingbird:

Before my grandson’s visit, I saw these guys at Croton Landing:

A raven at Croton Point Park:

I caught my local red tailed hawk at Croton Point Park.  I thought the bird would fly off over the landfill in the direction it is looking here.

Silly me.  The hawk turned and did not want me catching its squirrel.

Again, I had a teleconverter on the big lens.  I should have just left things alone.

Yup, coming right over the top of me.  Wrong settings and lens.  Thought it would go in the other direction.

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