August Adolescents

Those wonderful juvenile great blue herons are migrating west to the Hudson River. I felt bad for this skinny youngster at Oglevie’s Pond that couldn’t seem to catch a fish. If only I could get it into my backyard I would stock my hot tub.   Fingers crossed that at least half of the new bird babies make it.

Young Great Blue Heron


Young Grackle


Young Robin


Bottoms Up

3 responses to “August Adolescents”

  1. I hope that the great blue heron babies thrive. Thank you for sharing these photos!


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  2. Your pictures are awesome cousin. We have a new red tailed hawk in the neighborhood. Parents are teaching it to fly so they’ve been swooping around all morning. Caught one of them drinking out of my pool but taking a picture through a screen doesn’t have good results.


    1. But you got a photo. Thanks for the nice comment. I sat out in my backyard all afternoon today and got photos of A LOT of sparrows.


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