Winter Wildlife

The birds still seem to be coping with all this snow, unlike the humans here.

Winter wildlife Feb 2014-8
Eagle pair getting ready. I think it is the female in the nest and male taking off.
Eagle pair getting ready
Female out of the nest following the male. Eggs should come around the first of March.
Winter wildlife Feb 2014-1
One of the red-tail hawk pair guarding the entrance to Croton Point Park.
Winter wildlife Feb 2014-3
Other one of the red-tail hawk pair. Saw them going into their nest, too. Mid March for eggs I think.
Winter wildlife Feb 2014-6
Great cormorant after a fish on the Croton River.
Winter wildlife Feb 2014-2
One of our Carolina wren pair at Croton Nature Center feeder counted for Project Feeder Watch.
Winter wildlife Feb 2014-5
Had a flock of goldfinches at the feeder, too. I hope they are a sign of spring, but they have been around all winter.

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