SMRA Project Feeder Watch at Croton Nature Center Has Begun

I enjoy counting birds on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the nature center.  This year we are back to 8 to 10 AM.  The Saw Mill River Audubon signature bird, the Carolina wren, greeted me first thing on the first morning!  And because of the efforts of Audubon groups in the area, the landfill, now meadow, has only been cut 1/3.  Harriers, Lapland longspur, buntings, meadowlarks, bobolinks, are returning.

Carolina wren 2 at Croton

Carolina wren

Caterpillar on Croton Meadow

A November caterpillar in the meadow. Food for all.

Goldfinch preening 3

A flock of goldfinches came by and some remained to eat

Harrier meadow

Northern harrier over the meadow

Junco feederwatch

Junco in the sumac

Red Tail in Flight

Our red tail hawk girlfriend. She later caught a snake.