Croton Point Visiting Eagles

They have begun to arrive.  I saw five soaring eagles enjoying the wind over the southern point today.  The two first year birds played tumbling talons.  The group traveled upriver and also enjoyed the wind in Verplanck and Charles Point.  And on Tuesday, January 8, 2013 two more adults joined the group.  I think the two adults are local residents, however.  The fourth year and I communed for over 20 minutes.

Croton eagles 010713-1 Croton eagles 010713-2 Croton eagles 010813-1 Croton eagles 010813-2 Croton eagles 010813-3

I have to post my red tail hawk guy.  He and and his significant other have been greeting folks on the entrance road to Croton Point Park.

Croton 010713-2 Croton 010713-1

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