Everything But the Wheatear

All the serious birders on the east coast were at the Croton Train Station Boat Ramp a few weeks ago getting a look at the very rare wheatear.  I saw mention of it, but never took the five minute trip to see it.

I did manage to photograph my usual subjects.

Cormorants on the Croton River snags. The seagull got the fish.
Little Snowy Egret on the Croton River
Young swan with its parent on the Croton River
Young mallard on the Croton River
Mallard family. The kids are growing up.
This flicker was looking over his family. He is in the red tailed hawk
Here is the flicker family at Croton Point Park.
This young red tailed hawk is looking for rats in the red tailed tree at Croton Point Park.
Sparrow family grooming in my dogwood bush.
This young woodpecker is about the size of a red bellied, but has the markings of a downy.

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