Croton Point Park Birds

Blue jay 2014 Croton-1
Blue jay
Brown Creeper 2015 Croton-1
Brown creeper
Cardinal 2015 Croton-1
Cardinal, Male
Cardinal, Female Croton 2015-1
Cardinal, Female
Eagle 2015 Croton Point Nature Center-1
Bald eagle, immature
Eagle, immature with fish 2014 Croton-1
Bald eagle, immature
Goldfinch 2014 Croton-1
American goldfinch
Great Horned Owlet April 2015 Croton-1
Great horned owl, fledgling
House finch 2014 Croton-1
House finch, male
House sparrows 2014 Croton-1
House sparrows
Kingfisher 2014 Croton-1
Red shouldered hawk, immature 2015 Croton-1
Red shouldered hawk, immature
Red tailed hawk 2014 Croton-1
Red-tailed hawk, immature
Red tailed hawk 2014 Croton-2
Red-tailed hawk
Red-bellied woodpecker 2014 Croton-2
Red-bellied woodpecker
Redpoll 2015 Croton-1
Song sparrow 2014 Croton-2
Song sparrow
Yellow warbler 2014 Croton-1
Yellow warbler

3 responses to “Croton Point Park Birds”

  1. […] mark down other notable birds seen. (Our friend and Croton Point Nature Center Feeder Watch host  Bonnie Talluto had just happily reported a resident Red-shouldered Hawk on the overpass to Croton Point Park). […]


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