Croton Point Park Birds

Blue jay 2014 Croton-1

Blue jay



Brown Creeper 2015 Croton-1

Brown creeper


Cardinal 2015 Croton-1

Cardinal, Male


Cardinal, Female Croton 2015-1

Cardinal, Female


Eagle 2015 Croton Point Nature Center-1

Bald eagle, immature


Eagle, immature with fish 2014 Croton-1

Bald eagle, immature


Goldfinch 2014 Croton-1

American goldfinch


Great Horned Owlet April 2015 Croton-1

Great horned owl, fledgling


House finch 2014 Croton-1

House finch, male


House sparrows 2014 Croton-1

House sparrows


Kingfisher 2014 Croton-1



Red shouldered hawk, immature 2015 Croton-1

Red shouldered hawk, immature


Red tailed hawk 2014 Croton-1

Red-tailed hawk, immature


Red tailed hawk 2014 Croton-2

Red-tailed hawk


Red-bellied woodpecker 2014 Croton-2

Red-bellied woodpecker


Redpoll 2015 Croton-1



Song sparrow 2014 Croton-2

Song sparrow


Yellow warbler 2014 Croton-1

Yellow warbler


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