Swimming Lesson

Short Story: Saw a gold banded, MWR7, bald eagle catch a very big fish. The eagle went into the water trying to hold onto the fish. Turns out, the bald eagle is a success story from the 1980s. He was raised by captive parents, trained by a falconer to fly and hunt on his own, and then released as a first year in 2005. His grandparents were some of the first to be a part of the Massachusetts bald eagle recovery efforts.

The Snatch
Swim to shore?
… fly out
Stayin’ Alive
There are more fish in that river.

4 responses to “Swimming Lesson”

  1. Beautiful photos and story. Very magestic bird. I love the last photo, he looks tired.


    1. Thank you and Massachusetts. Nah he caught another fish and ate most of it after that. A young bald eagle got the rest.


  2. Bonnie you captured an awesome series of pictures Congratulations!!!

    You need to enter them in a contest I will look for one for you.

    Excellent I’m so proud of you!


    1. Thank you! That means a lot to me.


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