Jersey City Peregrine Falcon Fledgling

The Boss is doing well.  Went down Sunday and Tuesday and saw all three both days.  Here is the proof:

JC peregrines 2-25-13-2
The Boss being fed by one of the adults on Tuesday, June 25
JC peregrines 2-25-13-3
Second adult circling 101 Hudson and Plaza 5
JC peregrines 2-25-13-1
The other adult coming in for a landing after the flyby.  Notice the glass hazard.
Jersey City Fledgling 6-20-13-2
Thursday, June 20, both adults at the scrape while The Boss was on the opposite side of the building eating a meadowlark
Another from Thursday, June 20
Another from Thursday, June 20

Jersey City Fledgling 6-20-13-18
Beautiful Athena on 101 Hudson watching over her son on Thursday

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