Sacking the Peregrine

A great, big THANK YOU to Kathy Clark, NJ Fish & Wildlife Biologist, David Wheeler and Ben Wurst, Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ, for letting me attend the banding of our 101 Hudson, Jersey City eyas.  It is always a thrill to be 42 stories above the Hudson River overlooking Manhattan and New Jersey.  Mike and I got there eventually.

And a big THANK YOU to the Mad Momma peregrine, too.  She was actually a little calmer this year.  I guess she finally recognizes all of us we’ve stolen her chicks so many times.  And we always return the kids.  This year Kathy had an ‘official’ NJ Fish & Wildlife banding bag.  Our young male, 44/AM, didn’t complain until the very end of the ordeal.  He kept spitting out his medicine, but that’s typical of children, right?   Mike and I like to name the youngsters, so this year we chose “The Boss.”  Apologies to the biologists and scientists out there.

Before you check out the pictures I need to make a plea for donations to get a new web cam for these birds.  Contact NJ Fish & Wildlife or Conserve Wildlife Foundation of NJ.

Jersey City Banding 2013-4

Jersey City Banding 2013-6

Jersey City Banding 2013-1

Jersey City Banding 2013-2

Jersey City Banding 2013-3

Jersey City Banding 2013-7 Jersey City Banding 2013-8 Jersey City Banding 2013-5

Jersey City Banding 2013-10

Jersey City Banding 2013-11
Female. This is the first time we ever saw her perch when humans have been on her roof.

Jersey City Banding 2013-9
“The Boss” is back home

Jersey City Banding 2013-12

9 responses to “Sacking the Peregrine”

  1. GREAT images and congratulations to the Boss 🙂 We have been watching this year’s crop of 4 (2 boys, 2 girls) fledge this past week in Wilmington, DE. Slightly less spectacular skyline 🙂 You can check out our images at Wilmington Falcons on Facebook….I hope you get your webcam.


    1. Go, Wilmington. You have a very good viewing area there. Wish we had that garage area in Jersey City.


      1. Yeah, we really lucked out. We can park ourselves right on the top deck and be able to keep an eye on the kids. Even chasing them if they are grounded isn’t impossible. Two of the four this year had to get rides back up to the roof initially 🙂

        You guys have worked really hard for your birds, and I wish you all the best.


  2. That last shot with the Empire State Building in the background is great!


  3. Patience Davidson-Lutz Avatar
    Patience Davidson-Lutz

    Terrific pics! What medicine did The Boss get?


    1. Kathy Clark gives two doses for Avian trichomoniasis. All New Jersey eyases get one dose at one week and the second when she bands them at three to four weeks.


  4. Wonderful pictures! 42 stories up!?




    1. Thank you, Craig.

      Bonnie Talluto Sent from my iPad


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