A Dozen A Day

I truly thought most of the eagles had gone back to wherever they came from.  I was totally thrilled to see twelve doing their thing today.  Eagles equal winter and robins signal spring.  I don’t know what a sleeping loon means, though.

Dozen a day Mar 2013-3

Enjoying a meal across from Annsville Paddlesport Park

Dozen a day Mar 2013-2

Bringing in that meal

Dozen a day Mar 2013-5

Dozen a day Mar 2013-4

Hey, you in that white Prius …

Dozen a day Mar 2013-6

This one was hoping for a morsel. The third eagle flew off earlier knowing it was gong to get nothing.

Dozen a day Mar 2013-7

As if it wasn’t clear enough that there would be no sharing, a verbal NO for both of us

Dozen a day Mar 2013-8

Eagle number two got the message

Dozen a day Mar 2013-1

Dozen a day Mar 2013-9

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