March Comes In Like A Lamb

Saw Mill River Audubon’s Croton Point Nature Center Project Feeder Watch continues.   I did make it to a few other sites along the river, but the action remains at the park.  Our local eagles are still around, but the males are really the only ones fishing.  Our red tail hawk is by himself for awhile as his mate is hopefully incubating.  He showed up twice at the nature center last week.  He wanted that big, fat rat.  He called for it.  He probably got it because when we saw him later in the morning his beak had signs of a meal.  The starlings and mixed flock of about 100 birds is cleaning out the feeders on a regular basis.

Come out you rat!
Come out here, you rat!
After a small meal, the red tail is determined to get the rat.
I didn’t get enough to eat, yet. How about you?
Female Cowbird Pole Dancer
Take Off

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