Animal Behavior and Conservation Connections LLC Show

Yesterday was the big day to see the third peregrine falcon that hatched on May 6 this year at 101 Hudson in Jersey City.  I had the extreme honor of being present during the chick check when the nestlings were eight days old.  One had deformed legs and there was no way it could competeContinue reading “Animal Behavior and Conservation Connections LLC Show”

Hurricane Irene is For the Birds

Birds and humans and dogs made it through the storm.  As you can see from the pictures, bird life outside went on as usual.  Inside birds just napped and squawked at the rats trying to take shelter under the house. Pre Hurricane Irene birds on Saturday.  They don’t look too worried about the hurricane. JustContinue reading “Hurricane Irene is For the Birds”

DeKorte Park, New Jersey

I went on a peregrine pilgrimage to this fabulous area today.  My friend, Mike, comes here often and can’t praise the bird photography opportunities enough.  I made my way around the marsh for over three hours and was rewarded with some wonderful shots.  My bird ID skills are not the greatest, but I think youContinue reading “DeKorte Park, New Jersey”