Spring Is Almost Here

Project Feeder Watch continues until April 1.  The leaves have sprouted on the trees and bushes and the red winged blackbirds have found mates.  My Carolina wrens have taken up housekeeping in my barn and the red tails are taking turns incubating.  The red bellied woodpecker looks spectacular.  And a mockingbird has to decide ifContinue reading “Spring Is Almost Here”

Hudson River EagleFest

Our local eagles got the emails encouraging them to attend Teatown Lake Reservation’s Hudson River EagleFest.  The day started with four eagles perched quite near the main tents.  It continued with constant fly overs at the Croton Boat Ramp.  It ended with our local resident eagles flying over the live raptor demonstrations at the endContinue reading “Hudson River EagleFest”

Croton Point Project Feeder Watch Plus

The weather was glorious and the birds enjoyed themselves.  Every bird except the peregrine falcon was at the bird feeders at the nature center.  The peregrine was guarding the park at the entrance. She appears to have a green and black band.  Could be from New York or New Jersey.  Couldn’t read the numbers, darn.