All is Well

The regular birds are in their regular places.   Featured image shows the resident red-tailed hawk helping with Project FeederWatch.

Junco watching over our dearly departed


Young great blue heron preening

Red-shouldered hawk has returned to welcome folks to Croton Point Park


Peregrine falcon with two friends in perfect position – could be a local gal

Eagle pair kiting across Haverstraw Bay – they never flapped their wings


Male bufflehead in place

Female bufflehead was with five suitors


Went to Eagle Mecca

The eagles have not arrived in droves as in years past, but there were a few.  Unfortunately, the bitter northwest wind kept them high and away from the river.  Here you see the various ages starting with adult.

Fourth to fifth year

Second year on top with third year below.

First into second year

Third into fourth year