Copy Cat Time

This is what is left of the perching tree in the Croton Train Station estuary. The snowy egret and cormorant must be having quite the conversation.

Hey, bro, what’s down there?

Red-tail hawk mom showing the kids how to perch on the end of the dead branch

Red-tail hawk fledgling learned the lesson

How am I doing, Bonnie?

Babies, Babies, Babies

One just prays at least half of them survive.  Our red-tailed hawk family is just about ready to expand their territory.  Look out snakes and rats!  The male dropped off a very small morsel and the eyases bawled him out.  This is a sign that the youngsters are ready to take flight.  Both adults have triangulated on nearby trees to keep an eye on this adventurous group.  Mallard ducklings were out in force with their parents.  Momma kept ten in tow while Dad guarded the pond.  The goose family has not been so lucky.  There were two goose families on the beach.  One set had three goslings left and the other pair had only two.  They waddled directly under the red-tail tree.  I have seen the red-tails with a gosling or two being prepped.  Sad.  One goose pair at the  Croton Boat Ramp are fairing well with their bagel diet.  The other pair is only allowing the young to eat grass and bugs.

This appears to be the most ready to fly. Notice ‘his’ similar coloring to his mother.


Almost Ready to See A New World


What’s Next?


Momma Mallard Takes Ten


Proud Poppa Peruses His Pride – notice his molting plumage


Goose Goslings Get Going – Male seems to be herding a straggler


Feeding Lesson

Baby Birds, Mother Birds, Bird Songs

The female red-tailed hawk is keeping her three eyases very well fed.  The crops are bulging everytime I see the family.  While not for the squeamish, ID needed for her most recent delicacy.  I suspect rat.  She indulged with the kids.



Yellow warblers are all over the place.  I’ll post video of all the bird sounds and songs.


Spring Forward

My egret came back.  I’m discovering new places with the cormorants.

20170316_fox sparrow croton_001

Fox sparrow at end of winter


20170316_kestrel croton_001

Happy kestrel on the landfill


20170401_wood duck cedar lane_001

Wood duck daddy


20170501_sparrow, white crowned ossining backyard_001

White crowned sparrow in my yard


20170502_egret great white thornwood_001

My egret returns


20170508_cormorant cedar lane arts center_001

Arts Center Cormorant


20170509_falcon peregrine croton_001

Peregrine Perched at Park Post