Saw Mill River Audubon Bird Walks

Just started going on these great bird Monday morning walks with Anne Swaim!  Check out Muscoot Farm and Rockefeller State Park Preserve.  The birds were waiting for us.  Note: Not just For the Birds.

Muscoot Farm

Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-1

Anyone reading “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt?


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-2


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-3


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-4

Finally get a picture of an Eastern bluebird


Muscoot Farm Bird Walk 8-4-14-5

Good way to cool off

Rockefeller State Park Preserve

Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-1

My Tree! No, MY TREE!!


Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-2


Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-3

What cha’ lookin’ at?


Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-4

Am I glad to be out of that rookery

Rockefeller Bird Walk 8-11-14-5

Jeremiah was a …