Jersey City Peregrine Falcons Fly High

Grundy Park in Jersey City doesn’t just hold an attraction for people who want a spectacular view of Lower Manhattan.  Peregrine falcons also find it the best place to live in the metro NYC area .  The two surviving male fledglings, Buzz and Frank, who started out at 101 Hudson on May 3, 2012, areContinue reading “Jersey City Peregrine Falcons Fly High”

Jersey City Peregrines Part III (Billion Dollar Babies)

NOTE:  We learned on June 26 that the female had perished in a collision with the building at 10 Exchange Place. Torrents of rain, high winds, TWO FLEDGLINGS!!  My friend, Mike, and I saw two of the young birds on Friday.  They are agile.  They are rambunctious.  And they are alive!!  Both Athena and SixContinue reading “Jersey City Peregrines Part III (Billion Dollar Babies)”

Jersey City Peregrine Falcons, Part I

It is fledge time here in the NYC area.  The gorgeous birds that call 101 Hudson in Jersey City their home are ready for the annual rite of passage.  My friend, Mike, and I arrived at 8:30 am on a Sunday.  We saw one of the eyases on the ledge opposite the nest box andContinue reading “Jersey City Peregrine Falcons, Part I”