Red Tails Together!

The red tail pair at Croton Point Park finally arrived at the Croton Point Nature Center together.  They were after the newly arrived rat at the bird feeders.  And of course they were after one of the 13 squirrels who frequent the feeders.  By now, there are quite a few less squirrels.  They are my new favs:


Project FeederWatch and Eagles!

My volunteer duties continue at the Croton Point Park Nature Center on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  The regular visitors helped themselves to breakfast.  One highlight was that the white throated sparrow now has friends.  The junco flock has settled in.  Eagles continue to land in the tree on the north point.

The red tail pair continues to keep watch at the entrance to the park.

Second red tail perched near the first. We have our own Pale Male.

House finch watching over his harem

Not quite at the feeders, but definitely feeding.

Eagle pair in Verplanck on the White House tree