Croton Point Project Feeder Watch Plus

The weather was glorious and the birds enjoyed themselves.  Every bird except the peregrine falcon was at the bird feeders at the nature center.  The peregrine was guarding the park at the entrance.

Bald Eagle, First Year Resident

Song Sparrow

White Throated Sparrow

Are you lookin' at ME? Bluejay

Cardinal Male

Cardinal Female

Is it safe to eat?

Peregrine Falcon (I think it is a female)

I can take that out...

She chose to perch next to the model airplane park.

Getting out of here...

High Four, All!

She appears to have a green and black band.  Could be from New York or New Jersey.  Couldn’t read the numbers, darn.

Conowingo Dam Eagles and Project Feeder Watch

Like four hours apart, two days apart, and not many birds.

This was the view from way across the Conowingo Dam in Maryland on Thanksgiving weekend.  Water gushed from the spillways and turbines at the dam and the eagles could not see the fish.  What fish they could see were on the other side of the island in the middle of the Susquehanna.  Someday someone will invent an xray camera that photographs through rocks.

I got a blurry shot that works as one of my photo paintings:

And a song sparrow, I think, at Croton Point.  This could be a female red winged blackbird, but I doubt it.  No marshes and I don’t usually see red winged blackbirds at Croton Point Park.

Croton Project Feeder Watch

In contrast to watching outside in the cold…with gloves…hat…heavy coat…warm socks…  I get to watch from inside a warm room.  Most pictures were taken through a window.

I finally got a picture of the kingfisher!!  I’ve been trying for over two years.

Hope this is a fish crow.  Sure sounded like one.


More on the Eagle Riviera

I went back to the Susquehanna River to see these great eagles.  Beautiful weather, nice people, great action.

Coming at you

Bringing it to the table

I can have two?

Mine, No Mine!!


This guy watched the action and gave us a little bit of a show